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Deciding whether to outsource your PPC marketing or do it yourself can be difficult. Should you pay to run your PPC campaigns for you, or should you just do it in-house? There may be hundreds of questions running through your mind about PPC advertising in particular. Let us help you out by explaining exactly when you should make the jump and start outsourcing…

Why Manage PPC Yourself?
There are a number of reasons why businesses may choose to operate PPC in-house, such as cost, the stage of the business or to have complete control over their campaigns.

Here are some of the key reasons you might be averse to outsourcing:

PPC Costs
Many companies choose to manage PPC themselves because they believe it costs too much for a quality service. Perhaps they have a low budget or are just starting out in the business world. If you don’t have the money or you are a new business it is a better idea not to hire an expensive agency for PPC management services. You can still get the same results for less money if you opt for a consultant instead.

PPC Control
Perhaps you are the type of person who prefers to have complete control over every aspect of marketing. By doing everything in-house, you can decide how your PPC campaigns are run and where your money is being spent. Also, there will be no last-minute delays because you are in charge of getting your ads up and running and are not relying on a third party.

If you choose to pay for PPC management outsourcing, you are likely to be asked for detailed and potentially sensitive information about your products or services.
This could potentially open your company up to confidential information leaks. By avoiding using any external services, you can better protect your company.
However, no one is entirely safe from cybercrime, and there are ways to minimise the risks involved – such as working with a trusted provider with robust security systems in place.

Create Your Own Strategy
No one knows your business and the vision you have for it better than you.
In-house PPC makes it easier to bring a campaign back on track if it starts to veer off course, as you have full control over the project.

Advantages of PPC Management Outsourcing
On the other hand, there are many reasons why a company may choose to outsource, such as:

Expertise & Knowledge
Paying for PPC management services can give you the upper hand and help to elevate your campaigns to the next level.
The main reason for this is that agencies specialise in running successful campaigns and have a proven track record for doing so.

Not every business has the time to continue running their own PPC campaigns and may benefit from getting a third party to do it for them. This essentially leaves them with extra time in which they can focus on hitting other important business targets.

Access vital PPC Management Outsourcing tools
By outsourcing your PPC, you take out the guess-work. High-quality agencies have access to valuable tools that you would otherwise be unable to access. This means that they can collect data and generate reports. Every piece of new data can then be used to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The agency usually takes full control over your ad spend with a team of professionals that you need help with creating and setting up your PPC in a way that maximises your return on investment.

If you would like our help in managing your PPC  account, or if you have any questions about Google Ads management services or packages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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